Business Reporting (Personal Property)
Louisiana law requires that all businesses report to our office all moveable assets that are used to operate their business. Each year the East Baton Rouge Parish Assessor's office mails the LAT-5 forms and any other forms necessary for a business owner to comply. It is the responsibility of the business owner to notify the Assessor's Office of any address changes. All LAT forms are generally mailed in February and must be filed with our office by April 1st.
LAT forms can be downloaded from the Louisiana Tax Commission's website:

Or the LAT forms can be downloaded from our website below.
Once the forms are received by our office, an assessed value can be determined. The assets are depreciated according to a schedule that is furnished by the Louisiana Tax Commission.

It is very important to submit the form(s) by April 1st. Failure to comply will result in an estimated assessed value. All forms filed with our office are strictly confidential.

Please print and mail the completed form to :    BRIAN WILSON

                                                                            EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH ASSESSOR

                                                                            222 ST. LOUIS ST., ROOM 126

                                                                            BATON ROUGE, LA 70802.

If you have any questions about Business Personal Property, please feel free to contact us at 225-389-3920, Use Option 2.


LAT 5 Form Instructions

Used to report general business assets such as inventories, merchandise, furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, leasehold improvements and miscellaneous property, consigned goods, leased, loaned, ore rented equipment, furniture etc.
Used to report repossessed property, and taxable credits of loan and finance companies.
Used to report tax-exempt buildings, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, consigned goods, leased, loaned, or rented equipment, furniture, etc.
Used to report watercraft, motor vessels and barges, other than those employed in interstate commerce. Gasoline powered watercraft and vessels employed in fisheries activities for human consumption are exempt from property taxation.
Used to report Oil and Gas Properties.
Used to report drilling rigs and related equipment.
Used to report Pipelines.
Used to report aircraft, except those owned by a company engaged in the business of transporting passengers and/or property for hire on regular scheduled flights, which are assessed as public service property, are subject to valuation and assessment by parish assessors.



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